The Parting Glass

So I am.. a little nervous about sharing this one. It’s a re-write of a traditional song from Scotland (though it’s also very popular in Ireland.) I absolutely -adore- this song. I re-wrote it with a certain character in mind. One that I’ve been writing for a very long time. So this is my ode to him.

One of my favourite versions of this song is by the -very- talented Peter Hollens and can be found here:

The Parting Glass

O’er all the years I spent alone.
Willing each day o’ life away.
Lost in sorrow, I drowned myself.
Until you came home to me.
And though you doubt my best intent.
I promise you, I will be true.
And to you my eyes abide.
For no one else I will be bowed.
In awe I see you wake each day.
Stride forth, as though unafraid.
And though I cower in the dark.
You guide me into the light.
And for you e’ery day I pray.
For my temper and my pain to fade.
And bruises that I give to you.
In love and kindness shall repay.
And if you e’er should flee from me.
I would not see my path go on.
And all the sweethearts e’er I kissed.
Hold nothing next to you, for me.
So please trust that my love is true.
And doubt not, that I would die for you.
For all I do, would be for nought.
Should you no longer be in my world.
And I should fall and be no more.

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