Journal 9

Day 1825 – 


Friday 17/03
Found some further information on Ley Lines. At least one crosses through Mysthaven. Coincidence? Ancient source of power? Possible psychic disturbance/magnetic field disruption.  

Saturday 18/03

Attempting photographic documentation of phenomenon. Orbs can quite clearly be seen where there is the presence of supernatural beings. No orbs captured on tonight’s night shift. Spent 2 hours checking gates, another attempted break in. Jerry? Seems suspicious. Not sure why a man would spend hours walking along the beach. No dog. Followed him in parallel. Stopped every 20 yards to look at sand. Not sure sand is that interesting? 

Various sounds tonight. In the early hours of the morning I heard the moaning of unknown machinery. There’s not been a soul on the park since opening day. Where did this sound come from? I investigated to find the carousel slowly moving anti-clockwise. No one in sight, think can only be paranormal. Felt cold in the gut, something digging its claws into me.

We should have never built there. 

We disturbed something.
Something evil.

Sunday 19/03

Saw Jerry again, this time in the shop. Enquired about audio equipment. Knows I’m on to him. Disappeared for 10 minutes before offering me a cassette player. What would I do with a cassette player? Asked for something to record with. Very shifty. Wouldn’t meet my eye. Asked me if I knew who robocop was. Do not get the reference.
Did we ever watch robocop? Memories are starting to blur now about the time before everything changed. I’m not sure I can still remember your perfume or the way you folded my shirts. I’ve tried to copy it but I can never fold the creases in just perfectly like you could. I still remember your smile, the colour of your eyes. I miss you so much, I’ll prove to everyone that I wasn’t responsible for this. Some thing took you from me, not a leak at the plant, radiation doesn’t kill that quick.
Why couldn’t it have been me that it took?
Took another photograph at work, was convinced I was being followed last night, dark shadow just in the edge of my view. Whatever it is knows I’m after it. I will not be silenced, I’ll make sure I stop anyone else getting hurt.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t frighten me.
Nothing can frighten me anymore.

Monday 20/03

I miss you so much. You would have been 30 today.

Tuesday 21/03 

Went to the Town Hall today to ask for the town plans. My request was declined? Started research on burial grounds after reading an article about mass plague pits. Is it possible that the park is located on top of a burial ground? 
I remembered today the poem you wrote for me when we’d been dating for a year. You seemed so embarrassed to give it to me, I don’t know why it was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever read. You always had a way with words. I tried to find it again, I checked every drawer and box but no matter where I looked I couldn’t find it. It feels like everything in my life, so far away from me now that I can’t find any reason to go on. Each day passes with little variety to the last. It’s monotone. You made everything so colourful. If I can’t find you in this world anymore then even if it’s the last thing I do I’ll find out what took you from me.

Wednesday 22/03 
Aliens? Why would aliens come to Mysthaven though? 
Probably not aliens.

Thursday 23/03
Overheard some talk at the pub tonight. Apparently, people have been disappearing, there is some talk of the park being used as a burial ground. I’m fairly sure I’d notice if gangsters were using it wholesale to get rid of their rivals. Wouldn’t it be much easier to throw a body out to sea? At least it’d give that Jerry something to find. In either case, I didn’t put them right, they seemed happy enough to imagine that was the case. The fewer people that disturbing me at work the better.
I saw him at the pub again. Sometimes I just can’t eat another microwave meal and I have to get out. It’s a real shame he ended up that way, everyone knowing who he was, who he is now. Sometimes we talk a little but I don’t really have a lot to say to him, maybe something about being in a similar business draws us to speak. Maybe all policemen end up chewed out by the world like that, maybe he’d just been destroyed by Mysthaven, the same as me.

Friday 24/03
Checked the CCTV last night, just to make sure that no one was entering the park when I was otherwise occupied. Reviewed 10 hours of footage, finally found this:

think I’m really onto something this time! You can clearly see it has a face, watching me, laughing at me. After all of these years! All those tourists thought I was nuts! I had to keep driving them back! How could they understand the same thing I knew deep in the marrow of my bones that something was wrong about that place, that something un-natural had festered there and dragged down everyone with it. Now I finally have proof, proof that they can see, proof that I can show. 
Don’t laugh at me Lucy. I know you’ll think what I’m about to say is strange but I’ve heard things, secret things about people who deal with things like this. That demon hunters exist. At first I didn’t believe it either, but if you know the right people and the right things you can meet them and they can hunt down the sorts of things that I’ve finally managed to capture on film. I’ve arranged to meet one – Marion Shaw, if that is her real name. I’m finally going to be able to beat this. I’m going to get you justice or revenge or whatever it is that has been burning in me every day for the last 5 years. I’m going to find peace for you, for us.
I’m going to finally find peace.
I love you so much Lucy.
Always yours.
Love Alfred.

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