When/If – I Wont Say I Love You

A reply to “I won’t say I love you” which is a song from the musical When/If. It’s a very beautiful song and I wanted to use the same song structure to form a reply to the character who was singing the original. Hope you enjoy it!

I won’t say I love you,
Even though I do.
All that I can promise is…
That every thought’s of you.
I’ll give you every thing,
I gave it from the start,
If you give me time,
You’ll even have my heart.
I may not be that smart,
But there’s some things that I know…
So don’t you go…
I won’t say I love you…
I’ll show.

I will always need you,
Standing by my side.
If you are no longer there,
I’ll falter in my stride.
My feelings won’t refrain,
Even if I’m scared,
I’ll keep on loving you,
Making you my home.
I’ll take you by the hand,
We won’t ever be alone.
And so you know…
My heart knows it loves you,
That’s all.

You will be my only lover,
The one that I’ll always call.
And even if you hurt me,
I’ll forgive you every one.
I can’t handle being lonely.
I don’t want to be apart.
So I’ll always want to ask you…
To always guard my heart.
Please never break my heart.
So I can give you all my heart.

I won’t say I love you,
Please hear it in my deeds,
I’ll try to confide in you,
And tell you what is true.
I will always answer…
If it’s you that calls…
So love me,
And trust me,
That even if it’s silent…
I’m so in love with you.

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